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Hi! We’re Ryan Edwards-Pritchard and Edo Omoniyi. From London. Now Sydney. We have experience of backing and building businesses, from early stage startups to global digital banks.  We’re two individuals with a passion for fintech - fintech makes us happy 😊.

We want to solve the biggest problem facing digital businesses. We’re committed to building the tools that will work in the best interests of founders and their accountants to get the results they need. Which is why we’re starting with focusing on reinventing how credit cards work; helping you take more money off the table with built in savings, helping you better manage your cashflow position and ultimately ensuring your runway goes further.

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Cape’s built from the ground up by a bunch of Fintech nerds dotted around the globe that have built and scaled some of Europe’s most well known startups that have collectively unlocked access to billions of dollars of Working Capital for tens of thousands of small business owners. We’re building a world class team of brilliant minds based out of Sydney, London and elsewhere remotely. Sounds great huh? Come join the crew.

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