Mar 31 2021

The Big Dip | April 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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Hey everyone,

Thanks as always for coming back to Cape’s monthly cashflow-inspired newsletter 📰, where we give you all the finance insights and tips to help small business owners & CFOs build better businesses.

And to help send you kicking off to the start of the double 4 day work week and extra long weekend, we’ve compiled an overview on everything you need to know around the Governments extension of the SME Loan Scheme, the launch of a new fund to support female founders and a useful guide on how to go about improving your business credit score. As well as much, much more…

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Longer read - How to improve your business credit score

Every month we give our readers the chance to decide what they’d like our next blog piece to be focussed on. So, if you’re looking for ways to give your finances a makeover with minimal effort this autumn, then look no further!

This month’s is dedicated to just that by helping you understand why your business credit score matters and our top tips around how to go about improving it.

👉 How to manage and improve your Business Credit Score 👈

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🙌 Cape internal news 🙌

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we had not just one, but two incredibly talented superstar execs join the Cape team over the past month!

Rahul Pakrashi - Chief Risk Officer

First up, we're thrilled to welcome on board Rahul as our new Chief Risk Officer. You can read more about this here

Tanya Ward - Chief Financial Officer

Most recently we're also excited to welcome Tanya into our team as our new Chief Financial Officer. Tanya brings decades of invaluable experience from Pepper Money most recently, as well as Westpace & EY.
You can read more about her appointment here

Updates we're following

This month's news update focus is all about tips to help your money go further

🤔 The Government is to expand the SME loan scheme 🏦

To date, 35,000 loans worth $3billion have already been under the SME Guarantee Scheme. This is encouraging, but when considering there’s a war chest totalling $40 billion in available lending and the backdrop of the success of the similar schemes such as those over in the UK that have successfully got over $100 billion into the pockets of SMEs over a similar amount of time, it does beg the question: why has uptake been so poor?

What does this mean to you?

Either way, Phase 2 of the existing SME Guarantee Scheme loans will remain open for borrowers until the 30th of June 2021. The latest expansion and extension of the scheme is focussed in particular to those businesses who are currently being supported by the JobKeepers allowance which comes to an end at the end of the month. With the government  looking to encourage those businesses to take out debt to plug the gap.

🤑 $10 million fund launched for female founders 👩‍💻

The Victorian government has just launched a new dedicated investment fund to kick-start 50 start-ups led by women with their $10 million Alice Anderson Fund writing cheques of between $50,000 to $300,000.

What this means to you

Female founded firms are shockingly still a significant minority and hopefully this acts as a wider catalyst to kick start some change. Applications open on the 1st of July, you can find out more information here

On a side note, I take my hat off to the LaunchVic team: they’re constantly moving the industry forward through a number of initiatives. Congrats, guys.

🛫 The return of international flights? 🛬

As we ushered in 12 months since the government first introduced border closures in Australia, we’re now finally starting to hear murmurs of the unravelling and relaxing of these as we hope to welcome in some freedoms to freely travel back and forth outside of Australia in the next 12 months.

What this means to you

JobKeeper has been a lifeline for the travel, hospitality and retail industries. With that ending, all eyes are now on the boarders to help them get restarted.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem a quick fix to the gridlock that we’re currently in given the geopolitical untangling that’s required to open borders again. Our closest hope is with our neighbouring cousins in New Zealand allowing travel to happen which we hear about on the 6th of April.

And finally…. ❤️ What’s it like to date a founder 💔!?

Think you’re alone with the struggles of balancing work/life boundaries with a partner or trying to date!? Well, you’re in luck as the Sifted teams put together a great piece covering the challenges of dating a founder, especially in those early days of getting something off the ground.

What this means to you?

You might feel the impact of expectation and burnout is all on your shoulders, but it's all too often something passed onto your spouse, as they play therapist (amongst many roles) and carry a lot of the emotional baggage that comes with the territory. Taking the time out to acknowledge, appreciate and support them and their own sacrifices is the first place to start by saying thank you!

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That’s it for another month folks and with Autumn in the air, the leaves turning golden 🍂, you can’t help but feel like it’s a time for new beginnings as we also remarkably mark a year since the first lockdown in Australia.

Thankfully, 12 months on and now with the last of the social distancing rules being unwound, this is an Easter weekend that we can enjoy with loved ones. So whatever you're up to, enjoy the break and see you on the other side.

In the meantime, I might have got a bit carried away with breaking into all of the Easter egg chocolate I could get my hands on this weekend… 🤤

Annnddddd, here I am, literally having to work it all off... 🙃

Adios amigos,


Co-Founder, CEO

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