Jan 02 2021

The Big Dip | January 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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The Cape team may be taking a break over the Christmas period, but fear not: we’re preemptively filling your stocking (AKA inbox) with a selection of some of our industry highlights (and a couple Cape-related ones to boot) from the past month.

A gift from us to you... Helping you gear up for passing the time through the endless family gatherings and to browse whilst watching Love Actually… again. Enjoy!

🔦 Spotlight 🔦

Spotlight, is a monthly deep dive into a specific subject chosen by our subscribers. Last month you voted for: ‘What’s the best advice for increasing your top line revenue’

I took some time out to put together our 11 point plan for trebling revenue in 2021. We miss anything? If so, be sure to hit us up as we’d be keen to do a follow up.

👉 Read the article here 👈

📣 📣 📣  Cape internal news 📣 📣 📣

Welcome Gerry, our new Non-Executive Director

In exciting news, we’re thrilled to welcome on-board Gerry Hoare to the Cape team as our first Non-Executive Director. He brings a wealth of incredible experience to the team having advised and scaled some of Europe’s most well recognised Fintech’s in Capital On Tap, Satago & Sonovate (to name a few 🤯).

👉 Read all about Gerry’s appointment here 👈

💭 We've launched the Cape 'Founder's Community' 💭

We’re looking for feedback and suggestions for our roadmap, help us shape the future of SME digital banking.

We welcomed in our first batch of Founders a couple weeks ago to our Community.

👉 Learn more about our Founders Community here 👈

Updates we're following

The impact of Covid-19 on business owners is changing daily, we want to unpack the headlines. So, here’s our first debrief on what this month’s developments mean to you.

😟 1 in 5 BNPL users miss payments
ASIC is stopping short of imposing new regulation on the sector, despite some consumers having to cut back on essentials such as meals because of spiralling debt that they’ve racked up.

What it means to you
The big question here, rightly pointed out by Jennifer Harrison, is how do we help ensure we steer on the issues with debt traps. This is something the Cape team fully supports, whether that be a consumer or an SME 👉 LINK

🚀 LaunchVic supporting startup ecosystem
The Victorian Government released its budget yesterday. As part of the budget the Victorian Government announced it will invest $60.5 million in a new Fund of Funds (FOF) for Victoria – the Victorian Startup Capital Fund (VSCF).

What it means to you
The Fund will leverage up to $180 million of private sector investment for early-stage startups 🙌🙌🙌. This is amazing news as the plan is to inject much needed investment capital into the Victorian startup ecosystem to support innovative early-stage startups to scale, create jobs and contribute to the State’s economic recovery 👉 LINK

👩🏿‍💻New JobMaker $200 weekly subsidy for new hires
Following hot on the heels of JobKeeper and JobSeeker comes the new subsidy JobMaker. It lets eligible businesses claim a subsidy for up to 12 months that’s worth $200 per week for each new employee hired aged under 30, and $100 weekly for new employees aged 30-35. The subsidy will be paid quarterly in arrears, with the maximum credit claimable per new position created being $10,400.

What this means to you
New hires must be brought on from 7 October 2020 and work for at least 20 hours a week to be eligible – plus importantly, they must be former JobSeeker, Youth Allowance or Parenting Payment recipients, for at least one month out of the three months prior to them being hired 👉LINK

🎅‘Humans For Good’ this Crimbo
2020’s been a super tough year & it may seem as though your actions don’t count in the bigger picture. But the more of us that give gifts consciously this Christmas, the better our collective impact will be on the planet — and on others.

What this means to you
Our friends over at Fishburners have done a bunch of research and kindly created this gift guide of ethical and sustainable 'startups for good' in the Australian ecosystem and wider Fishburners community. We’re super inspired by their work and already planning our gifts. We hope you’ll join us in supporting their cause 👉LINK

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That’s it for our December newsletter; we’ll be back in the New Year with the most important stories and updates to kick off 2021.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for the holiday period,

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