Jul 5 2021

The Big Dip | July 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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🔥 Longer listen… The Good Money podcast  🎧

Now onto the big reveal 🥁🥁🥁 …. 🚙 Episode 1 is here!

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We got to chat with Blackbird’s Tom Humphrey on all things bootstrapping your own business, to success to an exit, working with family, when to go down the venture capital route to raise funds, how to hire engineers offshore, and a great tale of sourcing a CTO from working behind the counter of a fish & chip shop in Perth of all places!

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Cape in the news

Cape + Bloomberg: The Australian Opportunity | The Ideal Platform for Fintech

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We were honoured last month to be asked by the Australian government to feature in a one-off Fintech focussed documentary produced by Bloomberg, exploring how startups such as Cape are building the next wave of innovative world-beating technology (whilst also supporting our economy and small businesses out of the pandemic and into the recovery phase). Watch the interview here

🙌 Cape 1k milestone & waitlist program 🙌


As we’ve been building out our infrastructure to allow Cape to offer a spend management platform that supports all businesses, we’re excited to share that we hit a pretty impressive milestone last week with over 1,000 companies signing up to get first access to our platform.

With Cape launching our MVP in a couple of months, we’re planning a closed Beta program roll out of our initial product offering to some friendly faces first of all, and we’d love for you to be part of this. Unfortunately we won’t be able to onboard everyone at once, which is why we’ve decided that the best course of action would be to put in place a waitlist program.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out your waitlist number here 👉 https://cape-waitlist.kickoffpages.com/ 👈

"Can I skip the queue?" we hear you ask

Yes! We need as much help in the form of feedback as possible to build out a first-of-its-kind spend management platform in Cape, so we are actively recruiting founders and finance pros to come forward to support us on the journey. In return, we’ll be sure to get you priority access to our platform and Corporate Cards. To jump the queue simply refer a contact on your waitlist page above, or share the page on either Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The Cape referral scheme

One question to ask with Cape’s referral scheme: what goodies would incentivise you to share our waitlist with other business owners and finance pros?

• 👕Cape swag (e.g. T-Shirts, re-usable keep cups, stickers etc)

• ⏭️ Queue jump the waitlist

• 💳 Free monthly subscription to Cape’s Corporate Cards when launched

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Updates we’re following that we think you need to know  

NSW small businesses to access up to $10k in grants to survive Covid-19 lockdown

The NSW Government has stepped in to support businesses impacted by the latest Covid-19 lockdowns with access to grants of between $5k-$10k. As well as extending the Dine & Discover program until the end of August.

What this means to you

If your turnover is between $75,000 and $1,200,000, all small businesses are eligible to claim (unless you’re in the tourism and hospitality industry in which case your turnover can be up to $10million). Either way, full details can be found here.

A war for talent - Accountants & software engineers prioritised under skilled migration list

Amazing news for founders trying to hire tech talent from overseas, software programmers, engineers and accountants are amongst the 22 new additions to Australia’s priority migration skilled occupation list.

What this means to you

Get hiring, folks! Check out the full list of occupations included here.

Podcast suggestion: Creator Lab’s Ben Tossell on tackling the Engineering gap with ‘No Code’

Given what we were just talking about, there’s a deficit of software engineers in particular: not just in Australia, but everywhere. Which unfortunately is only going to grow, despite the best efforts of the encouraging changes to the migration rules in Australia. The ‘No Code’ movement could be the answer which allows non-technical folk to create apps and websites that are usually built with code. The joy of No Code is that you can spin up products pretty much overnight without the investment of time, skills and money needed if you were building it with code.

What this means to you

Learning to code is undoubtedly an invaluable investment into your skills. But not everyone wants to. And perhaps not everyone should as there talents lay elsewhere. We’re seeing more and more SaaS apps built with no-code tools such as Bubble (free trial available on the Cape Rewards app for those interested). What’s more, using tools such as these can mean you have less attachment to an MVP or product feature that you’re experimenting with and can throw it away quickly.


🏠 Productivity hacks for WFH  

With us all back into lockdowns, distractions are aplenty when it comes to WFH: kids, spouses, flat mates, social media, TV, chores, to name but a few! Time management and productivity has never been so essential to ensure we tick off those tasks, whilst getting time to properly switch off.

What this means to you

There’s tons of tools out there for you to take advantage of. From ClickUp to help you get through your ‘to do list’, to TimeIvy to help you eliminate distractions and stay focussed. I’m a big background music fan to help me focus and can attest that Headspace has some fantastic playlists to help keep you in check, as does brain.fm.

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