Jun 1 2021

The Big Dip | June 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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🔥 Introducing… The Good Money podcast 🎧

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Critical thinking doesn’t need to be written, or boring. Which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new show brought to you by Cape 🤩!

In this 8-part series, we're lifting the lid on some of the world’s most exciting, fastest growing companies. We explore what makes finance teams & CFOs successful and how finance can be an effective business partner for growth - just as vital as sales and marketing.

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🙌 Cape in the news 🙌

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Lessons launching an Australian fintech in a pandemic

ICYMI check out the story of travelling 10k miles 🌏 to launch Cape 🚀.

Tried to provide insights & advise 👇👇👇 for all those looking to break into the Australian startup space, covering:

🧑‍💻 Getting to know the local ecosystem over at Fishburners.

🏢 Grabbing some free desk space at Sydney Startup Hub.

🛂 The journey to securing your Permanent Residency through the Global Business & Talent Attraction Taskforce.

🧐 Navigating your way through the ASIC regulatory sandbox.

🏦 How to secure your first bit of funding through the NSW Treasury MVP Grant.

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👉 What is and isn’t an allowable business expense?  👈

👉 A guide to everything your business needs to know about invoice management 👈

🧪 Recruiting Beta testers 👷

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 4.13.50 pm-2

As a team, we’re on a mission to design the first corporate card to help companies spend less. Appreciate that this might sound simple, but incredibly it’s not. The modern day incentive mechanisms built into credit cards are trying to get you to spend more money so that you can get more of their rewards points. Sound familiar huh?

What’s more, building and running a startup in the pandemic, the number one priority we hear back from founders time and again is the need to cut their burn rates, ensure they can make payroll and to help them get access to tools to help drive top line growth as much as possible.

In terms of our backgrounds, as a bootstrapped team, we’re painfully aware of the costs associated with building a startup! Pulling discounts and free trials together was the only way we could actually build Cape.

Cape’s Alpha app

We’re busy defining and creating a truly digital SME bank that our customers will love. Which is why we need your help. We’ll be rolling out the red carpet with a concierge service to ensure you get more ‘bang for your buck’ by helping you save money on everyday subscription services.

We’re going to peel back the curtain and give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been busy building as we provide our community members first access to the Alpha Cape App.

What’s on offer with the Alpha Rewards program?

We've partnered with everyone from Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Google Ads, Canva, Hubspot, Zendesk & many others to provide you with access to free trials, discounts & cashback on services and products that founders and finance teams need to use to build and run their business.

Over the past 6 months we’ve carefully crafted Cape’s list of partners which will ensure everyone joining as a tester of our Beta program can get access to over $100k worth of credit and savings from the moment they join.

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Updates we’re following that we think you need to know

💼 2021 Federal Budget

Recovery was the order of the day at this years Budgets announcements, with a particular focus on a suite of policies to help keep businesses doors open and to keep vulnerable workers employed.

What this means to you

Take your pick, there was a number of changes that you need to aware, from:

  • Superannuation increases as an employer 👉 LINK
  • Extensions to temporary full expensing 👉  LINK
  • A Digital Economic strategy to be put in place with business tax cuts to create jobs 👉 LINK

📉 Why most startups fail, and how to avoid a similar fate

Speaking of take your pick, market conditions, bad ideas, or just darn “bad luck”. Is there a secret sauce out there for startup success?

What this means to you

Well, to quote Donald Rumsfeld, ‘there are known knowns’, ‘known unknowns’, ‘unknown unknowns’ and unfortunately my friends ‘unknown knowns’ e.g. the stuff we’d rather not want to know/deal with.

And thankfully Martin Zwilling has done a great job of outlining the ‘known knowns’ in the most common causes of startup failure, the problems with each and tips to tackle them. Also worth checking out this framework for unearthing some of those ‘unknowns’.

🏠 There’s no place like home (office)

As the Victorian state entered back into a lockdown on Thursday, its clear that we’re not quite out of the woods yet from the lasting effects of the pandemic & its back to the home office we all go.  

One not so positive aspect of WFH highlighted in a recent study from the Wallstreet Journal was the impact your home office is having with bending our bodies out of shape.

What this means to you

There’s no better time to shake things up to stay healthy, positive and productive. From planning the layout of your working environment, to nailing your sitting position, to ergonomic mechanical keyboards & mouses, that’s not to forget your rolling mat. There’s a lot to consider here folks 😅!


🪓 Life hacks to tackle career burnout

Life can be tough. And the choices we make can make it even harder than it needs to be. Not a magic wand to all life's woes, but be sure to check out these 7 Burnout coping strategies that take five minutes or less.

What this means to you

Play. Laugh. Sleep. Dream. Bring joy to your home office 🪴.

For anyone looking for some extra reading material, can highly recommend Greg McKeown’s book Effortless. Game changer.

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