Apr 26 2021

The Big Dip | May 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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Hey everyone,

Welcome back to Cape’s ‘Big Dip’ monthly newsletter, providing business owners & CFOs with everything you need to know to help you strengthen your cashflow 💪.

This month we’re excited to share some things that have made us smile. As well as some informational tidbit news items that we pulled together to give you a leg up!

🙌  Cape internal news  🙌

Cape wins the NSW Treasury MVP Grant

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 6.49.17 pm

With a working gap of a $130 billion in Australia alone, it’s fair to say that cashflow is a massive cause of sleepless nights for business owners, and this worry is all too often caused by how difficult it is to manage and control how money is being spent. Let alone find ways to reduce wasteful spending.

The backing from NSW Treasury is an amazing early recognition of the innovative nature of our Open Banking-powered spend management platform that will completely change the way that all businesses can strengthen their cashflow positions through Cape.

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Australia’s next billion dollar company?

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 6.51.26 pm

Cape’s CFO Tanya Ward was interviewed for this month's CFO Magazine for a special spotlight feature as one of three startups building the next generation of innovative disruptors.

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🤓 Spotlight - Longer read - How to get a grip & reduce subscription spend  📚


Is it just us or are there a million things to juggle when running a business!? It can often feel like a lot can often get left in that ‘to do later’ bucket. And managing your team’s subscriptions all to often falls into this never ending pile!

Well, we’ve worked hard to pull together a ‘Subscriptions Management’ overview that we hope will help our readers save money and make you feel like you’ve got a grip on subscription spend across your entire company:

👉 Managing business subscriptions: How to get them under control. 👈

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Going Global: International Expansion In An Age Of Uncertainty | Altfi Australasia Summit
Live webinar: Wednesday 28th of April | 16:30 AEST

Come join us as we speak at Altfi’s annual Australasia virtual summit, diving deep into how Australia represents a fantastic market for both startups beginning their journey and as a launchpad for international expansion.

We’re going to be talking about:
Insights about the Australian startup ecosystem
Europe vs the APAC for building a startup
The impact of Covid on startups internationalising operations

Register for free here

Updates we’re following that we think you need to know

Hot off the heels of our own NSW MVP Grant win, we have not one, not two, but three grants up for grabs to get your mitts on!

💰 Amazon launchpad innovation grants up for grabs 💰

The Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grants provide Australian businesses with the opportunity to win one of five grants that comprise of a cash component, advertising package & marketing support that are each worth more than $200k!

What this means to you
Applications close 10th May. Best of luck to everyone throwing their hats in the ring.

👩🏽 Investing in women funding program 👩🏽

The NSW Government has launched a new Investing in Women Funding Program with the aim of improving support, economic opportunities and leadership for women in NSW. There’s three categories to apply for depending on how early or developed your business is, with equity free investment up for grabs ranging from $25k up to $100k in total.

What this means to you

Applications close on the 30th of April, so be sure to get your applications in next week.

💸 Export assistance grant $10k 💸

NSW Gov looks to be at it again! This time supporting all of you exporters out there that have had your businesses impacted by natural disasters.

What this means to you

Take your pick, pandemic, bushfires, droughts, it aint been an easy 18 months for our business owners. But you’re still here which is incredible!


And finally...

😭 $400k is the real cost of losing a start performer 🌟

A recent study found high performers deliver 400%+ more in productivity than the average employee. Losing them has a very real tangible impact on your bottom line, as well as your ability to nurture, retain and hire star performers that can lead to cultural debt.  

What this means to you

If you haven’t already, start thinking about building retention strategies for your key employees & review how you’re going about talent acquisition to ensure you’re not just going down the cultural miss-hap rabbit hole of hiring ‘mini-me’s’ as opposed to those candidates who are a ‘culture add’. Diversity in your team time & again has proven to produce real breakthroughs in innovation for top performing companies.

📣 Don't keep it a secret 📣

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Well, that’s it for April! We’ll be back next month with more updates.

And for those lucky individuals in the 5 states with today off….. you otterlove those long bank holidays huh 😂!


Have a good one everyone,


Co-Founder, CEO


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