Dec 02 2020

The Big Dip | November 2020

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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Putting that aside, if you’ve managed to find us, you’ve probably subscribed out of curiosity as to what we’re building and how we’re ‘backing the brave’ entrepreneurs of Australia’s digital economy - we’ve been asked a number of times since we set up a month ago: What is Cape actually building and going to do?

And to be honest, the answer is rather simple: We’re building next-generation financial service tools to help business owners cashflow go further and increase their productivity.

Rather than tell you, we’re keen to show you...

New Cape Report

SME Lending 3.0

In a world of increasing customer choice, how can SME lenders such as Cape find ways to design propositions that stand out from the crowd and shape the future of lending?

Well, Cape and Marqeta joined forces on a new report “lending 3.0” along with 9 other global leaders in the lending ecosystem.

In it we discuss what comes next for B2B lending propositions and the incredible Open Banking empowered tools that will make them possible.

Updates we're following

The impact of Covid-19 on business owners is changing daily, and we want to unpack the headlines. So here’s our first debrief on what this month’s developments mean to you:

Know your rights
Australia takes its first steps towards open banking with the launch of the Consumer Data Right Act, but the rules are changing
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What it means to you
There’s a huge opportunity to utilise data to streamline your customers' onboarding journeys with ID&V, use data to provide your customers with personalised offerings, data driven insights about their business, and help increase loyalty. More insights to come from the Cape team on this next month.

Recovery signs
Latest figures from The Reserve Bank indicate the economy is out of a technical recession, regarded as two quarters of economic contraction.
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What it means to you
There’s a long way to go before we recover to pre-Covid levels of output, but the good news is that the recovery is underway! Just be aware that different sectors of the economy will experience different paces of recovery.

Corona SME Guarantee Scheme loan controversy
Small businesses are struggling to get hold of the government guarantee loans for a variety of reasons.
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What it means to you
We’re experiencing unemployment levels not seen for decades. A post-Covid economy needs to offer tools to help businesses flourish when you consider the successful companies of tomorrow will not be the like of the pre-Covid world. When you get such a life-changing event as this pandemic there’ll be fundamental changes in the way we work (many from home) the way we shop (more and more online) and the way we play.

All this means is that there are new opportunities for the taking. What the government has to do, and quickly, is to give those who need it the tools and the encouragement to grasp the opportunities and build a firm foundation for our new economy. What’s important to remember is that with government stimulus measures coming to an end, Australian businesses are going to find it increasingly hard to pay their bills on time.

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