Oct 5 2021

The Big Dip | October 2021

Ryan Edwards-Pritchard

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Have a listen: The Good Money podcast

Is the death of the bank branch turning accountants and bookkeepers into the Bank Manager 2.0?

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After covering their story in last month's newsletter, we were incredibly excited to get to sit down with the Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA) CEO Alexi Boyd to discuss her fight against the Big Banks & Big Tech Titans to get Least Cost Routing (LCR) mandated for all merchant payments.

Why is LCR needed?

$550 million is charged in excess fees every year to Australian business owners due to ‘Tap & Go’ payments cutting out LCR’s payment rails.

Learn 📖

How to claim back hidden processing fees from your business current account provider (NAB, CBA, Westpac, ANZ etc).

Get inspired 💡

As a former BAS agent and bookkeeper, Alexi also explains how they and accountants are key to filling the advisory void created by the closure of bank branches and local bank relationship managers.

Support ✍️

COSBOA are a key voice and advocate for business owners, representing an astonishing 1.3 million of Australia’s 2.1 million SMEs. You can show your support for LCR to be mandated by adding your name to their campaign page.

listen to the episode


Not sure if you heard but… we won!


The Cape team bagged our first ever trophy, with a Silver in the Digital Finance category at this year's DrivenxDesign awards.

This little scrappy startup took on the big boys/girls of the banking and advertising industry and proved we can go toe-to-toe with anyone.

Congrats to the gold winner in Westpac.

Don’t worry, we’re nothing to worry about.


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Cape partners with Basiq

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While founders and their teams get to work with re-building our economy, we're getting to work with building the tools modern businesses need to make that happen.

We believe that Open Banking and Consumer Data Rights (CDR) are going to be key to supporting us on that mission. Which is why we're excited to have been picked as the flagship partner for the launch of CDR platform Basiq’s startup program.

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Updates we’ve been following

$1 billion investment into the Australian startup ecosystem in a single week 🦄

Well, technically 8 days... but still, the sheer amount of money flying into the Australian startup ecosystem is a massive cause for optimism that it’s both growing and creating a measurable contribution to the economy.

WTF is TFMF + PLG? 🤯

Been wondering WTF is GTMF and PLG? Wonder no longer friends with this outstanding 4 part guide from Blackbird Principal Investor Tom Humphrey who provides a fantastic overview of how to find ‘go-to-market fit’ and ‘product-led growth’.

For those who didn’t catch it, Tom was guest numero uno for the launch of The Good Money podcast a couple of months back.

Structuring your scaleup for international expansion 🛫

With the positive news that our borders are gearing up for international travel, our friends at William Buck have pulled together this super useful guide for anyone looking to go one better with expanding and launching their business into new territories.


Can a 4 day week really work? 😎

If there’s one great thing about these long lockdowns, and I’m not saying there is, but if there is, it’s this: we’ve totally had to reimagine how we all work.

Not been in the ‘office’ since 2019? Cool. Ain't worn a pair of pants or shirt to work for months? Totally fine. Turned up to an investor pitch with your kids favourite cartoon show as your Zoom background? It happens.

Against this backdrop, why shouldn’t we rethink the structure of ‘office work’ from the traditional confinements of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm?


Don’t forget to check in with yourself for Australia's inaugural Mental Health Month



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